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TEA TREE OIL can benefit and improve multiple conditions which affect the skin and hair. The essential oil, which is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, holds antiseptic and antibacterial properties. DO NOT APPLY UNDILUTED TEA TREE OIL TO YOUR HAIR OR SKIN. THE OIL MUST ALWAYS BE DILUTED WITH OTHER OILS BEFORE USE TO AVOID IRRITATION.



  • It stimulates and increases blood flow for quicker & healthier hair growth when applied to the scalp
  • Its multiple properties fight bacteria as well as helping unclog pores on the scalp
  •  Clears and strengthens the skin on the scalp helping to prevent infections and dandruff.


1. Mix one tablespoon of organic coconut oil(any natural oil)with ten drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl

2. Apply the mixture on your scalp and massage into your roots for ten minutes – be sure to focus areas you feel are extra dry or itchy

3. Let the mixture sit for a minimum of ten minutes, although you can leave it in overnight for more intense hydration and treatment

4. Wash out thoroughly with your normal shampoo

5. Repeat the process once weekly to see results and improved condition of hair

As part of shampoo routine.

1. Add some drops of tea tree oil to 30 ml of shampoo directly into your shampoo bottle

2. Shake the bottle to mix

3. Use the shampoo as per your regular routine to see results

For skin.

1. Add few drops of tea tree oil into one cup of water

2. Transfer this mixture into an empty spray bottle

3. Spray the diluted mixture over the scalp at least 20 minutes before showering, targeting any problem areas

4. Wash out thoroughly when you shampoo

5. Repeat on a regular basis to see an improvement in your condition

Remember that undiluted tea tree oil should never be applied directly onto the skin as it is very potent. By applying the oil directly, you can risk inflammation of the area or an allergic reaction which can worsen any condition you are trying to correct.