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The HAIRepair™ Straightening & Strengthening Treatment by ORS™ is designed to strengthen and smooth the cuticle helping you achieve more manageable healthy hair with impeccable body and shine. With the help from thermal irons, our system helps to create a protective shield that locks in moisture and guards against humidity. Enriched with natural ingredients like coconut extract, aloe vera and wheat protein, our 360° styling formula allows your natural curls to return with just one shampoo, helping you to achieve the versatile styling options you desire!

  • Lasts 4-6 weeks
  • Hair will revert to naturally curly texture after each shampoo, but ease of future straightening will be improved.
  • Go curly to straight in easy steps ... and back!


Step 1: Use Clarifying Shampoo 1. Saturate hair thoroughly with warm water. 

2. Apply (A) clarifying Shampoo and work into a rich lather. 

3. Manipulate gently to avoid excessive tangling.

 4. Rinse hair. 

5. Repeat as necessary to remove dirt, oil and product residue. 

6. Towel blot hair. DO NOT COMB HAIR! Note: Clarifying Shampoo may cause hair to tangle easily until Foam Activator is applied. 

Step 2: Use Foam Activator

 1. Using a wide tooth comb, comb product from ends to scalp to detangle hair then part hair into four even sections.

 2. Beginning in the back section, apply 2-4 pumps of (B) Foam Activator to hair from scalp to ends.

 3. Comb product from ends to scalp to distribute evenly. Note: More product may be needed to coat the hair depending on the hair’s texture and density. 

4. Cover hair with a plastic cap and process. Fine Hair (9) Minutes, Medium Hair (12) Minutes and Coarse Hair (15) Minutes. DO NOT USE HEAT! 

Step 3: Use Seal & Smooth Leave-In Conditioner 

1. Apply a nickel (2 cm) to a quarter size(2.5 cm) amount of the Seal & Smooth Leave-In Conditioner to each of the four sections, one section at a time.

 2. Slightly more or less product may be required depending on the length and density of the hair. 

3. Comb product through hair from scalp to ends. DO NOT RINSE HAIR! 

4. Using small manageable sections proceed to blow dry hair. 

5. Set flat iron to 340 to 410

. 6. In small manageable sections, flat iron hair with no more than 3 passes of the iron to each section and style hair as usual.