160.00 SEK

Crystal Orchid is a one of a kind biotin infused styling gel.
Finally, a gel that specializes in keeping your hair healthy while delivering an amazing hold at the same time.
Loaded with essential vitamins and nutritive ingredients, Crystal Orchid is sure to aide in your healthy hair growth regimen.

Gentle enough for daily use

Promotes growth & retention

Defines curls & smooth edges

Mends detectable damage

Moisturizes hair & tame frizz

Helps to minimize damage & breakage 

Directions to define curls: 
On clean, damp hair, apply gel evenly from root to end, working curls into your desired style.
For faster drying, sit under a dryer or use a blow dryer with a diffuser.

For 2nd-day hair: 
To reactive the gel, apply a few sprays of water to dry hair then evenly apply gel while using your fingers to reshape and scrunch curls back into place for a fresh finish.

Direction to smooth edges: 
On clean, damp hair, apply gel evenly to edges. 
Then smooth edges with the palm of your hands and finally brush edges gently to smooth in product