Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Rinse 350g

130.00 SEK

Crece Pelo Rinse Fitoterapeutico Natural Conditioner (Natural Phitoterapeutic Rinse) is a phytotherapeutic rinse conditioner that consists of the use of natural plants and extracts.

The formula contains extracts and 100% natural active ingredients that are necessary for a good hair condition and hair growth.

This treatment adds the nutrients to the hair necessary for the health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility of the hair.

Crece Pelo Rinse can best be used in combination with the Crece Pelo Shampoo. It will give your hair a boost and leaves the hair more resilient and energized, with increased body and shine.

Crece Pelo Rinse is also recommended to use before using a Deep Conditioner.

Use Crece Pelo Rinse after washing on clean hair. Massage it gently into the hair for 5 minutes before you rinse it out.
Wash out with plenty of water. It is recommended to move the hands in a lightly massaging motion over the scalp during rinsing.