Jamaican mango& lime transition kits (max strength)

316.25 SEK

Jamaican Mango and Lime Transition Natural No More Relaxer New Growth Thermo Control Serum softens and conditions new growth, making new hair growth manageable during the transition from relaxed to natural styles. For maintaining relaxer free hair. The temporary look of a relaxer without permanent harsh chemicals.


Shampoo towel blot hair dry. Part hair into sections and apply New Growth Flat Iron Max to new growth. Allow to remain in hair for 15 minutes. Comb through to assure strands are thoroughly saturated. Blow dry hair from roots to ends using a brush or small tooth comb attachment to maximize smoothness. Flat iron at 425°F.- 450°F. Re-shampoo with Naturalizing and Detangling Shampoo. Apply Naturalizing and Sealing Leave-In Conditioner. Blow dry. Flat iron style as desired.


1 No more relaxer new growth flat iron solution 

1 naturalizinf and detangling shampoo

1 naturalizing and sealing leave-in conditioner

1 pair of pladtic gloves

1 instruction pamphlet